Give Baby Food for my Birthday!

In this post, we have decided to write about something other than real estate, because it’s Kelly’s birthday. It would mean the world to her if you would do one or more of the followings:

1. Make a small donation ($10 bucks?) to Grameen, a social business that we are supporting in Haiti. Donate here.

2. More importantly, click “Share” after your donation via FB, email, twitter, whatever.

3. Want go to Haiti to check out where your donation is going with us? Contact me.

Why is Kelly doing this?

Our friends April and Graham April actually made their wedding registry a matching fund to donate to this cause (they got married October 2014). So the least I could do is to donate my birthday (12/15) to support my sister. I’m looking for small donations, because I know you didn’t account for this pop-up charitable cause. Many of you probably already have causes that you support and Xmas presents to buy. But I just hope that more people would learn about this, and maybe some really generous or passionate people would find this amazing and want to donate a lot or help us fundraise everything we need (at the moment: an additional 60K).

baby foodGrow fruit trees and process fruits from Haitian producers to create nutritious baby food.

Donation will go to a social business that:

1. Provides nutritious baby food to the local infants

2. Creates sustainable jobs

3. Helps reverse the serious deforestation in Haiti

4. Will have Immediate results (by Fall 2015 if we have funding by Q1)

What’s a social business? What’s Yunus?

If you are not sure if this donation is going to a good cause, Yunus already vetted it for you (the organization supports roughly 1% of applicants, and have so far 100% success rate for the businesses they support). If this doesn’t convince you, please contact me and we will go to Haiti together to see the place (Planning on going in 2015)! Seeing where your contribution goes is very satisfying! If not, I promise to write detailed reports on our progress next year.


Kelly (& Max)

PS: April and I would both love to talk to you more about this if you are interested. Again, donate here!