Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

10/14/2014 – 1 am Milan time – On the train from Milan to Vienna

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I got my license and started this blog. Since I have also just gotten married and my best friend was also getting married last weekend, my post-wedding and her pre-wedding stuff has kept me pretty busy. However, I still managed to decide on which company to partner with to start my real estate agent career—Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Network Realty.

After researching many companies I really think it is a no brainer. The main reason is that BHHS is the top producer in the our focus area for investing. BHHS also offers the most robust training program–a rolling 4-week long training for agents to take and retake for free. Since I am planning on working with investors overseas, I think that Warren Buffett would be a good name to associate with. The technology, marketing and legal support are amazing. I have already met the head of each team and they all want to schedule meetings with us to make us better. Because Max and I travel so much, having a strong support team would be great.

What I really love about the company is how much they care about the safety of their realtors and how ethical they do business. I believe that trust is the number one reason why someone would want to do business with you. People need to believe your vision and trust your character. “When you always do the right thing, then you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble.” This line really stuck with me from the orientation. The brokers are also non-competing (they are not allowed to sell homes) so you just have so much more support too.

I have thought about smaller companies, but I really believe that when I’m first starting out, working for bigger companies can offer more comprehensive knowledge and better benchmarks if I were to eventually branch out on my own.

Through my first week I’ve already gotten my business account set up, business cards printed, welcome card on Facebook, and I’ve completed two trainings. All of these have prepared me just enough to continue working while abroad. Yes, Max and I are traveling across Europe and Asia for a month and a half. It’s our honeymoon but we are also meeting potential investors. The crazy thing is that we still have a triplex that is being rehabbed and will be complete while we’re gone. Good thing I have Berkshire Hathaway to help me lease out my properties while we are gone. I am praying that this is all going to work out relatively smoothly.

Soon Max will write a bit more on the different locations in Jacksonville. We also will look for locations like these in our future investments outside of Jacksonville.


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